Tennessee Bat Removal

United Bat Control is pleased to inform you that the Tennessee Bat Working Group was formed in the summer of 2004 in recognition of the need for cooperation among various Tennessee groups and individuals to help coordinate the conservation of bat species in Tennessee. The scope of the Tennessee group is the study and exchange of information relative to the conservation, biology, ecology, and management of Tennessee bats and their Tennessee habitats on all state, federal, and private lands within the state of Tennessee.

The goal of the Tennessee group is to conserve Tennessee bats and their habitats in the southeastern United States through collaborative research, education, and management with a focus on Tennessee bat research, conservation, education, and management within the state of Tennessee. 

Tennessee Group goals:

1. Promote research on Tennessee bats and their habitats throughout the state of Tennessee.

2. Enhance Tennessee knowledge and technical capabilities of Tennessee state, federal, and private organizations and their personnel regarding the understanding of bats and their habitats in the state.

3. Promote the conservation and management of Tennessee bats in all phases of land and water development and management within the state.

4. Increase awareness and appreciation of Tennessee bat conservation and management within the public and private sectors.

5. Provide information and technical assistance to Working Group members and others interested in Tennessee bat conservation.

6. Facilitate communication and information exchange among Tennessee members of the Working Group through e-mail discussions, meetings, symposia, workshops, newsletters, etc.

7. Develop Tennessee technical reviews, position statements, and other materials regarding bats and their habitats in Tennessee.

8. Provide Tennessee information and technical assistance to government officials, journalists, educators, other organizations, and the general public in the area of bat conservation and management.

9. Make Tennessee recommendations to government agencies and private organizations for specific actions regarding bats and their habitats.

10. Support the Tennessee group through attendance at annual meetings and workshops, and provide routine correspondence with Tennessee officers regarding activities of the Working Group.

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