Health Hazards

Bats are beneficial to our environment and eco system, but when they invade our homes or work environment they pose serious and significant health and safety risks. The most commonly known health hazard associated with bats is rabies (

Rabies can be contracted from an infected bat by receiving a bite, scratch, or contact with their saliva or blood.

The Center for Disease Control has very specific guidelines for those who have had contact, or think they may have come in contact with an infected bat. Please visit their website if you have specific health questions —

Bat droppings, aka guano, also present a lesser known but significant health and safety risk. Guano bat droppings can harbor a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) that when it becomes airborne can be inhaled and thus exposing a person to a serious respiratory infection called Histoplasmosis. Those with compromised immune systems, especially the elderly and young are most vulnerable to this infection.

All of this presents the need for an effective, proven and reliable solution to a present bat infestation.

United Bat Control experts have years of experience and success dealing with these complex health risk challenges and eliminating the health hazards associated with bats and their colonies.

Please contact our office for further questions and/or assessment to resolve your present bat infestation.


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