Schools / Universities

United Bat Control is the proven leader in the industry. Our teams of bat removal experts specialize in the removal of bat colonies from schools and universities nationwide. With our patented removal system we have successfully treated numerous educational facilities suffering with minor to major infestations. For this reason the top three nationally recognized pest control companies have chosen UBC to provide their clientele with our tested and proven bat control methods.

Given that bats may infest any location where they can find a place to rest, roost and breed could make your school a prime target. Large cafeterias and gymnasiums with high ceilings and heights that bats appreciate, make schools look like a five-star hotel.

You already know that educational facilities are expected to be safe, sanitary environments that are bat-free. Given that there are strict regulations on chemical use to resolve bat infestations, can make a successful exclusion even more of a challenge. Our experts know how to safely and humanely control bats based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles that stress non-chemical methods.

Our bat control services include: Removal of bat colonies, bat proofing, Histoplasmosis remediation, guano removal, parasite sterilization, sanitizing and odor control. United Bat Control Commercial can design and implement a customized bat removal program for your facilities unique needs. We will work with you to provide services that are discreet and convenient, including after-hours and weekend service.

Texas A&M Agrilife extension has published a comprehensive document on the impact of bats on school facilities. This detailed information is useful for all schools. There, information is broken down in the following categories:

Identify the species.

Inspect the building for entry points and roosting areas.

Consider the risks and benefits of providing alternate housing for the bats.

Seal potential but unused entry points.

Make and install bat-eviction devices.

Remove the one-way eviction devices and permanently seal the entry points.

Clean up the area as needed once the bats are gone.

Click here to read the full report

With the Health Hazards associated with bats and their colonies, we strongly recommend that you contact our proven professionals in the industry for an assessment of your specific needs.


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