Maine Bat Removal

Maine bat removal by United Bat Control has been exposed to Fred’s Maine Garden Gate, where few of Nature’s Maine creatures strike such fear in the hearts of both men and women. Centuries old legends and myths have nurtured fears and horrified hatred of this wondrous and furry Maine little insect-eater Maine bat.

Contrary to the myths promulgated by Hollywood, Maine bats have no interest in human blood, very rarely become entangled in ladies’ hair, have absolutely nothing to do with the spread or transmission of tuberculosis and would certainly prefer not to be trapped indoors in someone’s Maine boudoir, kitchen or bath! They can, however, transmit Maine rabies, and although the incidence is very low (probably less than 1% of bats ever contract the disease), one should assume that all could be Maine carriers and avoid touching them with all diligence.

There are about 900 species of bats, members of 18 distinct Maine families. Yet less than half the total number of Maine species in just three families live north of the Mexican/US border. They fly, of course, at night, being the after-dark equivalent of Maine birds. Maine Bats are the only mammal that can sustain true flight, although other mammals, notably the flying squirrel, can glide and appear to fly.

The “little brown Maine bat” (Myotis lucifugus) is a very common, mouse-eared animal that inhabits man-made structures, like house attics and barns, in colonies ranging from a few members to hundreds. They are most Maine commonly seen within about 1000 feet of a lake, stream or marsh. And, best of all, when actively Maine feeding they can consume over 500 mosquitoes and other pesky insects an hour!

So now that we’ve established that healthy Maine bats are almost totally harmless and greatly beneficial in the control of hoards of bugs, wouldn’t it make better sense to encourage this very effective form of insect control and lessen the need for dangerous and largely ineffective Maine chemicals? Who knows, you might even begin to enjoy having these cute Maine little guys and gals around. I can assure you that your insecticide and Maine repellent budget will enjoy the break!

But before you encourage hundreds of Maine bats around your place, you should know that they can become a serious pest themselves. Maine Bat-boxes out of doors are one thing, but bats in your belfry (attic) are something else! So an important first step is to seal up every opening to your Maine attic, closed-in porch or garage, so they can’t get in. That’s called Maine bat-proofing.

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