Colorado Bat Removal

About Colorado Bat Removal Services

Colorado Bat Removal Services has developed a patented system that incorporates the latest technology in Bat Exclusion, Bat Control and Bat Remediation. We are able to successfully pinpoint ALL primary entry points, sub-primary entries, and provide verification of complete Bat Abatement prior to the administration of any and all bat proofing materials. This vital step helps to eliminate the possibility of bats being sealed in and thus trapped inside of a structure which increases the likelihood of human contact.

For this reason the top 3 nationally recognized Pest Control Companies recommend Colorado Bat Removal Services to their clients for their specific Bat Control needs.

Colorado Bat Removal Services proudly joined the Nationwide organization of United Bat Control Inc. in 1998.

Our company staffs our own qualified, knowledgable, and experienced Bat Removal Specialists.

We adhere to the requirements set forth by Osha, and all our Commercial Bat Control technitions are Osha certified. Safety for you and for our team is our utmost priority, and we achieve this by providing our clients with a staff of experienced and knowledgeable bat removal specialists, who follow our strict guidelines outlined in our own safety program. For this reason, along with many others we are widely known and referred to as the “Leaders in the Bat Removal Industry.”

At your Request we will provide you and outline a successful Bat Removal and Bat Control program designed for your specific needs. No project is too large or too small for us to succeed!

Please call today and you too will gain the confidence that so many have!

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