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How do I know if I have a colony of bats?

Bats are social creatures that live in colonies ranging from a few in number to thousands in number. If you have a bat enter your home or workplace this generally indicates that you have a colony of bats living somewhere in your structure. An accumulation of bat droppings (guano) are also often noticed on the exterior of the building where their primary enterences are located.

Will your company come and remove a single bat in my home?

United Bat Control specializes in the safe, effective and humane removal of bat colonies from any type of structure. If you have “a” bat flying around in your home you probably have a bat colony. To remove a bat flying around in your structure we recommend that you follow the directions in the “Bats and Rabies”brochure or contact your local county animal control for assistance in removing a single bat. If you require assistance in the removal of a bat colony we would gladly provide you with assistance in doing so.

Will the problem go away on it's own?

No. In fact it usually gets worse. During the late spring months bats have their pups. These pups now become part of the expanding bat colony.

Can I seal the structure when the bats leave in the winter?

During the winter months some bats will migrate south and some will hibernate. It is never recommended that a structure is bat-proofed without a proper exclusion performed. This will help to eliminate the possibility of a bat or it’s colony awakening from a hibernation and being trapped in the structure. When a bat is sealed in a structure it will seek to get out and unfortunately that means in your work or living areas!

Do you service my area?

Yes! United Bat Control is a Nationwide company with teams of bat control specialists located throughout the entire United States. We only perform bat removal services, thus we are the experts! Each team has a designated territory in which they have specialized training to meet the unique challenges of bat control in Commercial,Residential, Industrial, Educational and Health Care Facilities.

Are bats dangerous?

They can be. There are two specific health hazards that are associated with bats, Rabies and Histoplasmosis. Please visit our Health Hazards page for more information.

Do Ultrasonic devises work?

It is our experience that these “Quick Fixes” are ineffective. Our Bat Control Specialists often report witnessing a colony of bats roosting next to one of these devises. Please visit the warning page on these devises from the Federal Trade commission.

Are your methods safe and humane?

Yes! At United Bat Control we have our own patented bat removal system. Never are bats exterminated. We only perform exclusions of bat colonies. Once the colonies have been excluded from any structure, we bat proof the areas and the bats are forced to re-locate to another.