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United Bat Control
Bat Removal and Control

Bat Removal and Control

United Bat Control, Inc are professional bat removal experts who have been specializing in bat exclusion for commercial, industrial and residential complexes nationwide since 1989.

Our work is exclusively bat removal and bat exclusion.

United Bat Control is a family owned business founded in 1989 that has been protecting commercial properties, families, businesses and the environment by humanely performing bat removal services to business, homes, residences, schools, hospitals, restaurants and commercial buildings. Bats are very important to our ecology and environment and it is imperative that the proper bat removal techniques are employed when removing them from commercial buildings and family dwellings, especially since the outbreak of White Nose Syndrome that has had such a devastating effect on our bat population

United Bat Control removes bats from commercial property, human dwellings and businesses while allowing bats to live and thrive in their home community; so that they may continue to eat the millions of insects that populate our communities and allow our environment, ecology and communities to thrive. Utilizing the United Bat Control patented removal devises enables our company to expertly exclude bat colonies from interacting with human beings in business atmospheres and family dwellings while allowing the bats to relocate in a more friendly environment to mate, populate and help sustain our local community's environment and ecology.

United Bat Control Inc. provides multi-year warranties to protect you
against a re-infestation of bats.

Bat exclusion is as much about protecting your business, family, your home and your community's agricultural ability to continue growing food, as it is about protecting bats, protecting the bat's environment and protecting our community's farmland. In order to better understand how easy it is to protect bats and their environment, as well as protect your commercial property against the potential harm from bat rabies and disease, United Bat Control provides these exclusion procedures and guidelines:


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Information: One of the first recommendations we make to anyone that thinks there is any possibility that they have bats in their home, house, restaurant or commercial building is to do a complete inspection of the structure. Attention to detail is the difference between a successful inspection and failure to determine how the bats come in and go out of your building.

The entire outside of the building must be inspected. The larger populations of bats, such as the little Brown bat, are able to get inside a building that has cracks, slits or gaps that are only one quarter inch by one and one half inches and they will get inside a hole that is five eighths inches by seven eighths inches. Other bat species are able to get inside your house with even smaller openings.

While looking for building cracks and gaps, inspect and search the areas around the air conditioning and heating units on the roof for commercial properties, the family chimney, the edge of the roof, the roof overhang, the valley of the roof, roof eaves, the apex of the gable (the triangular part of the wall that is between the edges of a sloping roof). Inspect the exterior of the building's air conditioning ducts, attics, roof vents, dormers, siding and any telephone cable or television cable that has been attached to the exterior walls of the building. Remember that small holes are all bats need to enter the building.

Additional Information: We will suggest you continue your inspection of the building, but this time you are looking for bat droppings, also known as bat guano, as a sign of the possibility of a bat colony being inside your commercial property or home. Be careful but thorough in checking the roof and chimney for bat guano droppings. Also be on the lookout for Rub Marks made by bats entering and exiting the building. You are looking for a stained area that is yellowish brown to black brown in color, slightly sticky and will have a smooth polished appearance from high use. You want to give the outside of the building or home a thorough look and then you want to inspect the attic and air conditioning pathways.

The attic inspection is imperative for a proper bat removal inspection. A professional bat inspector will be wearing a respirator to protect their lungs from inhaling potential disease carried by bat guano droppings. These droppings will also help the professional bat removal expert determine the type of bats that are in the attic and help in the planning to do the bat removal humanely and protect the bat population from unnecessary harm. The attic inspection will tell the United Bat Control expert the size of the bat colony and where they are living in the attic - and highlight where the bats are entering the building or house, be it the building's roof, chimney, the roofs edge or the knot hole around the attic window.

Bat Information: Bats leave their living quarters, their roost, at dusk for a night of flight and eating. They help the environment by eating millions of insects that are often harmful to human beings. They carry seeds and help in pollinating flowers that benefit our ecology and environment. So usually our next step in our building and house inspection is to stand outside at dusk and observe the bats as they leave the building or home. What one expert may have missed with the close hand inspection of the building is caught and supplemented by the United Bat Control expert in observing and
following the bats leaving the roost.

Equipment for Removing Bats: The installation of patented bat exclusion devices is the next step in the process of removing bats from your commercial property, house or business. During our dusk inspection and observation of the bats leaving your property, we determine whether one or more exclusion devices will best serve the needs of the bat colony. Once the exclusion device locations are determined and the best number of exclusion devices to be used is determined, our bat control, bat removal professional will re-enter the house or business and install the device.

The installation of our patented One Way Bat Exclusion Device is done so that the entire bat colony will leave the building. This is normally a one, two or three day process depending upon the size of the colony. You do not want to go to the effort of removing 99% of the colony; it is imperative that you get 100% of the bats out and do so humanely and safely.

Building Repair: Prior to, during and upon completion of the installation of the One Way Bat Removal Exclusion Device, it is imperative to patch up, repair and fix all of the cracks, slits, gaps and holes that were found during the bat removal inspection. Once you have given the bats a way to get out the building, you do not want them to be able to return to your house or business. It is in the best interest of all parties to make sure that you seal the gaps permanently so that the bats are unable to return.

Building Clean Up: It is imperative for the health and safety of everyone who enters your business or home for a thorough cleaning of the building grounds, attic, roof and walls to remove bat guano. Bat guano is a breeding ground for micro-organisms and in some cases will become a breeding ground for histoplasmosis, an infection that is able to cause harm to humans. Bat guano can accumulate in walls, floors and ceilings. What is in plain site is not always the true amount of bat guano that needs to be removed from your home or business.

Important Information about Bat Rabies

One must always be careful with bats and bat guano when they are found in your home and business. There is always the possibility and potential that they are carrying rabies. Rabies is an infection that will affect human beings. We can get rabies from a bat if they are carrying rabies and they bite us. It is imperative that if you have been bitten by a bat with rabies, you must get a vaccination within two (2) weeks of getting the bite because once you start getting sick it is fatal. However, you do have 2 weeks to get a vaccination and if your dog, cat or horse has been bitten by a bat, there are
vaccinations to protect them too.

While 99% of all bats are rabies free, they still rank in the number three position behind raccoons and skunks for giving human beings rabies. It has been reported that during the past 20 years, there have been more human rabies cases that began with a bat bite in the United States than of any other wildlife group.

If you think you have bats in your home or business, call United Bat Control and let us come out and inspect the building. You'll be glad you called a professional bat removal expert.
We've been doing this since 1998.

Bat Facts
If you have a bat control problem with a single bat or a bat colony, United Bat Conrol can assist you in the removal of the bat in the most humane way possible. We understand that bats are very important to our planet. We are doing everything in our control to make sure that once removed from a dwelling the bats are safe, healthy, find a new home and keep the ecological system balanced.

United Bat Control utilizes their patented devises that enables us to humanely exclude bat colonies numbering from a few in number to thousands in number! After a proper exclusion is performed it is necessary to bat proof a structure so that the colonies cannot return. The ecological materials that are used to bat proof a structure are applied in a professional manner so as to conform to the aesthetics of your structure and the ecology of the community.

All accessible Guano should be removed. After a Guano clean-up is completed, it is recommended to have an application of a sterilizer and deodorizer provided. This application is intended to kill the fungus that can cause Hystoplasmosis, as well as assist in providing a solution to the odor problem that is caused by bats and their colonies.

Never handle a dead animal without gloves and never attempt to clean up the bat mess they made without gloves because it could contain disease matter. When you come across a live bat situation where you know they are in your house or business, give them a chance to leave quietly, rather than shout, scream or yell for them to get out of your home. As professionals we have found that one of the most successful ways to make a bat leave is by installing a one way bat door over their entry and exit holes that they are using as front and back doors to your house and business.


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Latest Bat News from Around the World

Current News

Bat News for February 15 2018


At United Bat Control we are always asked why are bats so important to the planet. Bats are very essential to pollination and also insect remediation.

Bats are one of the biggest contributors to seed dispersal and pollination in the world. Bats assist plants such as bananas, peaches, cashews, almonds, dates and figs. Bat pollination is important for the agave plant. Agave plant is the main ingredient in tequila.

One of the most important aspect of bats is that help farmers with insects and bugs. Just one single colony of big brown bats can help protect local farmers crops by eating more than 33 million rootworms each summer. These worms are a major cause of spoilage to crops.

Bat News for February 1 2018


At United Bat Control we strive to give the best and safest experience in bat control. We cover all of the continental United States. We also want to educate you about bats and how necessary that are for our eco-culture.

An interesting Bat fact is that bats are the only mammals that can fly. While other animals have the ability to glide, bats are the only ones capable of true flight.

Bats eat a varied diet and only three are vampiric. These vampiric bats are located in Central to South America. They live in arid to humid, tropical and subtropical areas.

Bat News for January 16 2018


Do you fear bats? Why? Many people fear bats because of old wives tails that have been passed on from one generation to another but the fact is that most of this is simply not true. We want you to know the truth and why we are the leader in Bat Removal and Bat Control.

For example we have all heard the saying, “You are as blind as a bat?” Well that is simply not true, all bats have eye sight to a certain extent, bats actually have a highly attuned sense of hearing. They communicate through sounds that are beyond a human’s capability to hear.

People believe that bats carry rabies, the chances of getting rabies from a bat is about one in greater than one million. You have a higher chance of slipping and falling in the bathtub. All we ask is for you to be careful around bats, call us at United Bat Control and let us take care of your bat problems.

Most bats in the United States are insectivores. They mostly feed on bothersome bugs which is good for us. A single insectivores bat can eat up to 600 bugs in an hour. To put that into simple terms imagine if you were to eat your body weight in hamburgers a one night.

Bat News for January 04 2018


There are over 1000 different bat species in the world. They mostly roost on the edges of canals, rivers and in nearby woodlands. A single bat can eat more than 600 bugs in one hour and a small colony of bats can eat over one ton of insects in one year. This equates to more than 600 million bugs.

When it comes to our ecosystem bats are very important. 150 big brown bats can eat enough cucumber beetles in one summer to save farmers a billion dollars a year. Those beetles would have had 33 million larvae, which are what attack the crops. Bats eat a lot of insects, which helps protect us from diseases, and play a major role in the survival of owls. Bats also make essential flora more sustainable.

Some seeds will not sprout unless they have passed through the digestive tracts of a bat. Bats spread millions of seeds every year from the ripe fruit they eat. Approximately 95% of the reforestation of the tropical rainforest is a result of seed dispersal from bats. At United Bat Control we are number one for Bat Removal and making you safe.

Bat News for December 26 2017


When Hurricane Harvey swept through the city of Waugh tens of thousands of bats perished or were displaced from their home at the Waugh Bat Colony.

The bats of 300,000+ lived beneath the bridge at Allen Parkway and Waugh Drive. Hurricane Harvey dropped more than 50 inches of rain on the city with the water downtown surged to record levels. The elevated highway beneath the Waugh overpass where bats took up residence was submerged.

Some of the surviving bats have relocated to nearby buildings. The relocation is what we are studying as United Bat Control will be called to help relocate bats that have taken residence in areas that can have a problematic effect on the possibility of bites from bats. We also ask you to be cautious around bats and Call United Bat Control to help you with your bat relocation.

Bat News for December 21 2017


When Hurricane Harvey swept through the city of Waugh tens of thousands of bats perished or were displaced from their home at the Waugh Bat Colony.

The bats of 300,000+ lived beneath the bridge at Allen Parkway and Waugh Drive. Hurricane Harvey dropped more than 50 inches of rain on the city with the water downtown surged to record levels. The elevated highway beneath the Waugh overpass where bats took up residence was submerged.

Some of the surviving bats have relocated to nearby buildings. The relocation is what we are studying as United Bat Control will be called to help relocate bats that have taken residence in areas that can have a problematic effect on the possibility of bites from bats. We also ask you to be cautious around bats and Call United Bat Control to help you with your bat relocation.

Bat News for December 1 2017


Rabies is a preventable viral disease associated with bats. The vast majority of rabies cases reported to the CDC last year occur in wild animals like raccoons, skunks, BATS, and foxes.

Exposure to rabies most commonly occurs when a person is bitten by a rabid animal like a bat. Histoplasmosis another disease associated with bats primarily affects the lungs. Histoplasmosis is caused by a fungus that grows in soil and material contaminated with bat droppings, Bat droppings, aka guano.

At United Bat Control our trained experts have years of experience and success dealing with these complex health risk challenges. United Bat Control is an industry leader in eliminating the health hazards associated with bats and their colonies. Call us today with your bat problems to have them taken care of quickly, professionally and properly.

Bat News for November 28 2017


United Bat control is the Nations proven leader in the industry. We specialize in bat removal with our experienced and trained bat removal specialists. With our nationwide team we can provide bat removal solutions to any city or state or challenge nationwide. We are recognized by the top three national pest control companies to provide their clients with our tested and proven bat control methods.

United Bat Control is experienced in Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Educational and Health Care facilities. We our proud of our humane patented exclusion system. We provide our clients with long term warranties. No project is too large or too small for United Bat Control.

United Bat Control is C.C.R. registered and provides maximum liability insurance and Workmans compensation for all of our experienced bat control specialists. United Bat Control adhere to OSHA safety requirements as safety is always our main concern.

United Bat Control services include:

Removal of bat colonies - Bat proofing - Histoplasmosis Remediation - Guano removal - Parasite sterilization - Sanitizing and odor control

United Bat Control would like to stress the health hazards that bats present to businesses, employees, customers, students, and patients. With all encounters with bats safety is our main concern. United Bat Control will design and implement a customized bat removal program for your facilities unique needs. United Bat Control will work with you to provide service’s that are discreet and convenient, including after-hours and weekend service. At United Bat Control we look forward to eliminating your present bat infestation!

Bat News for November 2017

Laguna Niguel Regional Park Finds Rabid Bat Near Entrance

On November 3 a bat that tested positive for rabies was found near the entrance of Laguna Niguel Regional Park.

What we want to stress to everyone that the rabies virus can be found in an animal’s saliva and can be transmitted to people through a bite. Most cases of human rabies in the United States in recent years have been caused by bats. Bats have tiny teeth, so their bites often go unnoticed.

At United Bat Control our staff of professional will take care of your bat problems. If bats are seen in the house or any structure contact us immediately. People who contract rabies may experience flu-like symptoms such as general weakness or discomfort, fever, or headache. There are also symptoms of discomfort or a prickling or itching sensation at the site of the bite. If you have a problem with bat control call us at 866-747-2287.

Bat News for February 2017


In the Richmond Valley region of northern New South Wales thousands of dead bats are dropping from trees after temperatures topped 133 degrees. More than 2,000 dead flying foxes have been found.

Despite the high losses, volunteer wildlife volunteers had managed to save a few hundred bats in the area. "We were using mist-spraying to hydrate the trees where the bats were roosting and the ones that came down low, we took them into care and hydrated them," she said.

Over the next few days we'll be seeing bats still coming down and falling into people's backyards, We want to remind members of the public that they shouldn't touch the bats.

Bat News for January 2017


Did you know that a single little brown bat can eat as many as 2,000 insects in a single night? Unfortunately the species has suffered an estimated mortality rate of as high as 99 percent. This occurrence has been driven by a fungal disease called white-nose syndrome that hit several years ago. White-nose syndrome continues to plague bats in 30 states and four Canadian provinces.

Since 2011, Ohio’s hibernating bat populations have plummeted by 90 percent as scientists are still trying to get a handle on the disease. New research suggests that a newly discovered virus associated with the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome could help agencies track its spread.

The study noted that additional biological understanding of the disease is necessary before officials can develop any control strategies.

Bat News for December 2016


If you have ever heard bats in a cave, you hear a lot of ‘gibberish, a cacophony of aggressive bat noise. You may think that this is merely shouting at each other. Previous research presumed that most bat communication was based on screaming and shouting.

After analyzing bat conversations researchers have found that bats fight over sleeping positions, over mating, over food or just for the sake of fighting. Researchers we were able to differentiate between all of these contexts in complete darkness, and we are confident bats themselves are able to identify even more information and with greater accuracy.

Researchers found that 60% are arguments. Most commonly, bats argue about food and this was the most common type of sounds. Bats also argue about their position in the sleeping cluster and also bats protesting that other bats got too close to them. Lastly, the fourth category represented males making unwanted mating advances.

Bat News for November 2016

Researchers try treatment for fatal fungus

We have know for quit some time that white-nose syndrome is a devastating disease. It has killed millions of bats in eastern North America already and also Canada. There’s been a concentrated effort by state and federal biologists to try and come up with treatments that will make a difference and save the lives of bats.

Chitosan had previously been tested on bats in a laboratory environment. What Chitosan does is it prevents the fungus from growing. It also has shown wound-healing capabilities, so it speeds up the healing of wounds. When bats get white-nose syndrome, the fungus grows across their skin and then it causes damage to that skin and the bats end up with holes in their wings.

With the treatment of Chitosan researchers are hoping that chitosan will limit the growth of that fungus and will limit the extent of damage to the tissues of the bats and thereby increase their survival.



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